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Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The following reference books provide background and additional sources for studying the Holocaust:

Bibliography On Holocaust Literature (1986)Supplement (1990)
Z6374. H6 E33 1986

First edition has 9,014 bibliographic entries organized by topics of interest (i.e., Jewish Life in Prewar Europe and The Free World Reaction), which are divided into further subcategories. Works listed are available in English and some citations are annotated.The Supplement is arranged in a similar fashion and includes new and newly catalogued items and Holocaust fiction. It has 5,637 citations.

Dictionary of the Holocaust (1997)
D804.25 .E67 1997

".... In 2,000 entries, it profiles major personalities, covers concentration and death camps, cities and countries, and significant events. Also included are important terms translated from German, French, Polish, Yiddish, and twelve other languages. Biographical entries give a brief history, the person's significance, and their historical context. Geographical entries pinpoint exact locations using other cities or countries as landmarks and give the number of Jewish inhabitants before Nazi occupation, and the percentage of Jews killed. Historical background is provided for such events as Kristallnacht and the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and entries on concentration and death camps give details on the nationalities interned, each camp's specific location, and its history."--BOOK JACKET

Dictionary of Antisemitism from the Earliest Times to the Present
DS145 .M465 2007

This dictionary covers three thousand years of antisemitism. "A comprehensive introduction discusses the definitions, causes, and varieties of antisemitism, and the dictionary contains 2,500 entries ranging from Aaron of Lincoln to Zyklon. Entries can found on all forms of antisemitism, such as ancient, medieval, and modern; pagan, Christian, and Muslim; and religious, economic, psychosocial, racial, cultural, and political."--BOOK JACKET

The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (1990)
D804.3 .E53 1990 v.1-4

Contains nearly 1000 entries about various aspects of the Holocaust, including its beginnings and aftermath. Entries vary in length from one paragraph to several pages and cover categories such as biography, geography, political organizations and more. Includes photographs.

The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust (2001)
DS 135 .E8 E45 2001 v.1-3

Gives a historical explanation of a few lines or pages in length about 6,500 different Jewish communities throughout history and the world. More detail given to articles that relate to the period between the two world wars and the Holocaust itself. Includes photographs.

Encyclopedia of War Crimes & Genocide (2006)
HV 6322.7 H67 2006

This reference work is international in scope and covers crimes against humanity, crimes against peace, and human rights violations. In the introduction it states, "...a great many entries are concerned with what is known as international humanitarian law, or IHL, dealing with the rules and conduct of war and civilians under occupation." The encyclopedia covers present day situations in Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and Haiti.

The Holocaust Encyclopedia (2001)
D804.25 .H66x 2001

A collection of explanatory articles, each varying in length from one paragraph to several pages, covering various terms related to the Holocaust, its origins and after-effects. Has many archival photographs.

Holocaust Literature: An Encyclopedia of Writers and Their Work (2003) online version
PN 56 .H55 H66 2003 v.1-2

Two volumes of bio-critical essays on over 300 writers of fiction and non-fiction (including dramatists, memoirists, philosophers, etc.) from many countries. Includes eight appendices on such topics as Ghettos Noted in Literature, Language of Composition, and Historic Events.

Holocaust Novelists (2004)(online version)
PS21 .D5x v.299

Contains biographies and bibliographies of 51 Holocaust novelists. It also includes three appendices: The Holocaust a Historical Novel, The Second Generation, and Postmodern Holocaust Fiction.

The Holocaust and World War II Almanac (2001)
D804.17 .H65 2001 v.1-3

A three-volume set of critical essays, primary documents, photographs, and biographical sketches chronicling the beginnings of WWII and the Holocaust. Volume Two is specifically concerned with the Holocaust.

Kalendarium wydarzen w Obozie Koncentracyjnym Auschwitz-Birkenau, 1939-1945. English (Auschwitz Chronicle 1939-1945) (1989)
D805 .P7 C8713 1989

Gives a day-by-day chronological account of events at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps. Appendices include a bibliography, glossary of terms and brief biographies of soldiers and commanders. Includes diagrams and photographs.

Nazi-Deutch/Nazi-German: An English Lexicon of the Language of the Third Reich (2002)
PF 3680 .M48 2002

"Clear, concise, expert definitions are supported with background information. Using up-to-date research, the book provides single-volume access to a specialized, charged vocabulary, including the terminology of Nazi ideology, propaganda slogans, military terms, ranks and offices, abbreviations and acronyms, euphemisms and code names, Germanized words, slang, chauvinistic and anti-Semitic vocabulary, and racist and sexist slurs. It is an important reference work for English- and German-speaking scholars, students, and teachers of the inter-war years, the Nazi era, World War II, and the Holocaust."--BOOK JACKET

The Oryx Holocaust Sourcebook (2002)
D 304.3 .F474x 2002

An extensive bibliography of currently available resources directly concerning the Holocaust, including, but not limited to, primary sources, audiovisual resources and organizations.

Reference Guide to Holocaust Literature (2002)
PN 56 .H55 R43 2002

Contains biographical data, bibliographies, and critical essays for 223 writers and 307 works written during or after the Holocaust. Many nationalities and genres represented.